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There are many blogs about Big Brother shows which run all over the world, but very few of them show the naughty stuff. Big Brother Blog is created as a sister blog to Celebrity Porn and will highlight the most erotic moment happening at these shows. At this BB blog you will see you favorite wannabe stars flash nude tits, go topless, make out with other contestants or even star in their own Celebrity Sex tapes.

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So, bookmark Big Brother Blog for upcoming updates scheduled with one to two days intervals…

Big Brother Blog

Lisa Appleton Ass

Not only the hottest milf in Big Brother series Lisa Appleton looks great from the front where she carries a pair of huge beautiful breasts to show, she is also seductive from the back with her big fuckable ass, which we had a chance to see in all its glory in one of the recent episodes of UK Big Brother -

Lisa Appleton Ass

Naughty mom Lisa hikes her dress up and pulls her panties down for a great ass view every man in the house enjoys…

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Jodie Marsh Hot Pics

As new pics appear of this Big Brother bombshell Jodie Marsh it seems that her boobs keep getting bigger all the time. The only way to make tits look bigger in the morning than they were before in the evening is to heavily massage them during the night. It’s a proven method for natural breasts, but doesn’t really work for silicone jugs like ones that Jodie has…

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Big Brother Bex Porn

The star of UK Big Brother busty plumper Bex throws her tits out yet again. And even if they are not as big as fun bags of Lisa Appleton they are one hundred percent natural. So which one of these pairs would you prefer to play with?

Big Brother Bex

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Lisa Appleton Topless

And here is an example of things Lisa Appleton is popular doing for such as walking topless in Big Brother house after the shower. And who can judge a single mom with a rack like that, even if it is full of silicone…

Lisa Appleton Topless

There is no surprise that contestants as Lisa Appleton is the only reason for many of us to watch otherwise boring UK Big Brother series. So bring it on girls and show us everything you’ve got under your clothes and maybe we will give you our votes -

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Aisleyne Horgan Nude

Another Big Brother hottie who is paid to get nude for a porn site is Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. I’ve already shown you her topless pics, which you can see here. Aisleyne revealed her breasts for Only Tease site and now at this exactly site she exposes the rest of her beautiful body…

Aisleyne Nude

Aisleyne Big Brother contestant agrees to undress during her recent photoshoot after UK Big Brother final -

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Big Brother Lisa Appleton

Big Brother program is not the first reality show for Lisa Appleton where she has been featured at. Lisa, a 40 years old hot mom, was a contestant at other popular UK TV show Kitchen Criminals before the current Big Brother 9 series. Both here and there she was hated for her two faced personality but adored for her big round boobs and desire to flash them at every opportunity.

Lisa Appleton

The following picture has been taken by her boyfriend Mario, another BB housemate, who pawned his Rolex to buy Lisa Appleton Tits

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Big Brother Aisleyne

Just like many other contestants who use Big Brother show as a starting point in their career Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has made an interesting mark in series history. And, although she made it to the final of Big Brother 7, she finished 3rd with a great amount of public votes which surprised even producers of the show. Aisleyne being in feuds with several housemates simply did not match the picture of a public friendly person…

Big Brother Aisleyne

Big Brother Aisleyne pictures above have been taken after the final when girl agreed to pose topless for Only Tease porn site -


Big Brother Naked Chicks Make Me Horny for Live Cams

Do you watch Big Brother? The season is nearing an end right away and I have to say I’m going to be sad to see it end. You see, I have a confession – I have a total hard on for Aaryn. The things I’ve thought of doing to that girl. There have been lots of Big Brother chicks that have gotten naked so maybe since she’s lost both of her jobs we’ll see Aaryn naked yet? I doubt it. But I can dream. Or I can go to the hottest live cam chat site and find a chick that looks like her or any other Big Brother babe and have fun getting dirty with them!

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Rebecca Shiner Creamy Boobs

It’s great when fat women are comfortable about their bodies just like Rebecca from Big Brother is. And when these big women appear on camera, say during UK Big Brother show, it usually means lots of skin flashing and most importantly we get to see natural heavy breasts… Wow!

Rebecca Boobs

Rebecca Shiner was topless in the garden where two of her housemates decided to rub some sunscreen over her body and huge boobs. See the result at Big Brother Exposed site -

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